Corinne Coman

Born: 01/01/1983 (40 yo)
Birth place: Les Abymes, Guadeloupe (France)

Citizenship : France

Occupation : Miss


Corrine Coman is a French beauty pageant contestant who won Miss France 2003. she was crowned Miss Guadeloupe 2002 and Miss France 2003 December 14, 2002 at the Palais des Sports de Gerland in Lyon. She was then 20 years


She spent her childhood in Guadeloupe where she obtained her baccalaureate at 17 with honors. It continues with a DEUG material sciences before being admitted to the School of Engineering from INSA Toulouse in industrial process engineering in September 2002.

Along with school, she enjoys swimming competition part of Hopes Guadeloupe Pole.

Subsequently, she discovered fitness and practice quickly in competition, relegating swimming a leisure activity. She made several appearances Championships France facility and receives a bronze medal from the French Gymnastics Federation, Amateur category and team (Palais des Sports de Gerland in Lyon in 2002).

In August 2002, she was crowned Miss Guadeloupe 2002. At the same time, she obtained admission to the School of Engineering from INSA Toulouse "industrial process engineering." INSA has agreed to issue a derogation of one year for entry into engineering school.

After her year as Miss france, Corinne Coman resumed his studies in completely changing field.

Back on her native island of Guadeloupe from 2004 to 2007, she worked in the service of the Regional Council Tourism and the Tourism Committee of the islands of Guadeloupe, for the promotion of Guadeloupe, in parallel with the recovery of studies. Former beauty queen, she also held a beauty page in the TV magazine of the island, where she lavished beauty tips.

In September 2007, she re-moved to Paris and joined the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, where she earned a master's degree in European Business Law in 2008 and a Masters in Marketing and corporate communications for which she eventually Major Promotion in 2009.

These many professional activities did not make him to give up the world of Miss. She is often asked to be jury in elections. When she can, she responds to invitations to participate in TV shows. Corinne was also the face of a brand of hair products, Kariline 2004 to April 2012.

In January 2007, Genevieve de Fontenay has offered a place on the board of directors of the Miss France committee. She remained there until the split between Genevieve and Miss France Company Endemol

Corinne today operates in the middle of U.S. law firms in Paris. She holds the position of Head of Marketing & Communication in a business law firm in Paris.

She appears in the final parade of the Miss France 2013.


  • Miss france 2003
  • Miss Guageloupe 2002