Zouk Machine

Citizenship : France
Ethnicity : From French Caribbean (Guadeloupe Island)

Occupation : Singer
Active Years: 1986-2008


Zouk Machine is an all-female compas music or zouk group from Guadeloupe which had several hits particularly in France, such as the summer number-one single on French SNEP Singles Chart "Maldòn (la musique dans la peau)", in 1990 that sold over 1 million copies well more than any others zouk band, even Kassav.


Founded in 1986 by the members of Experience 7, Guy Houllier and Yves Honore, and composed by three Guadeloupians (Joëlle Ursull, Christiane Obydol, Dominique Zorobabel), the group knew very soon the success from his first album Sové Lanmou (composed by Guy Houllier and Yves Honoré, who are respectively Christiane Obydol's brother and brother-in-law). Joëlle Ursull left the group and proceeded to a solo career, culminating in second place in the 1990 Eurovision performing "White and Black Blues", composed by Serge Gainsbourg and Sylvain Augier.

In the early 1990s, Jane Fostin (came from a large musical family in Guadeloupe) was recruited to continue the musical adventure.

Therefore, the success of the group overstepped the Caribbean community and the song "Maldon' (la musique dans la peau)" remained number 1 in the Top 50 for nine weeks in 1990. The group carried out some tours around the world, and produced its albums Sa ké cho and Clin d'œil. Group's members also participated in Maxime Le Forestier's album, Passer ma route Julien Clerc, "Utile" and in the soundtrack of Asterix On vit ensemble et Au Revoir.

In 1995, the group had a crisis situation, and BMG released a first best of. Jane Fostin finally left the group to launch into a solo career. Her first solo single "La Taille de ton amour", cover of Deborah Cox's "Who do you love" was a success in France, where it peaked at #9, followed by 4 albums with sonorities R&B including in 2006 an album with the Zouk hit single 'Pas de Glace' in duet with Medhy Custos.

Members :


  •     Christiane Obydol
  •     Dominique Zorobabel
  •     Joëlle Ursull


  •     Jane Fostin
  •     Christiane Obydol
  •     Dominique Zorobabel


  •     Christiane Obydol
  •     Dominique Zorobabel


  •     Christiane Obydol


  • 1986      Sové Lanmou
  • 1989      Maldòn
  • 1991      Kréol
  • 1993      Clin d'Oeil
  • 1993      Best Of Zouk Machine
  • 1999      7 Nuits Blanches


Singles :

  •     "Sové Lanmou" (1986)
  •     "Maldon' (la musique dans la peau)" (1990) - #1 in France
  •     "Ou ké rivé" (1991) - #28 in France
  •     "Sa ké cho" (1991) - #9 in France
  •     "DJ" (1992) - #31 in France