Ki Toy Johnson

Born: 1983 (39 yo)
Birth place: Peoria, Illinois (USA)

Citizenship : USA

Occupation : Glamour Model


Ki Toy Johnson is an American model and actress, Ki Toy Johnson is best known for posing in magazines like King and Black Men, and starring in rap videos like OutKast's "I Like The Way You Move." Johnson has also appeared in films such as "The Naked Truth", "Steppin Back" and "Beauty Shop."



Ki Toy "The Body", Johnson, as she is known, was born in Peoria Illinois. One of the founders' of  Destiny's Child Inc., an agency that supports individuals who are mentally challenged and disabled.

Ki had a tremendous passion for the Arts while in grade school in Illinois she attended Washington Middle School of the Performing Arts. Ki graduated early from High School from Natick High, in Massachusetts. Ki attended Clayton State College majoring in Accounting and followed her education with graduating from Bauder College, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design. During college, Ki was a part-time editor for Kids Under Construction, a gospel newsletter, as well as radio commentator for the program on WAEC radio station in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although Ki loved the Arts, she delayed her career in Acting to dedicate her time to establishing her enterprises as well as providing a new home for her two foster sons.

OutKast has brought Ki back on the scene with the latest Video "I Like the Way You Move". Landing her with a role in the movie, "Beauty Shop", starring Queen Latifah, following with a Boost Mobile commercial, and a pilot with rap star Trina titled, "With Friends Like These". Ki Toy is back, and moving faster than ever, hold on tight to your seats, while we watch the way she moves.

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  • 2005 With Friends Like These (TV Series)
  • 2005 Beauty Shop
  • 2004 Steppin Back (Video)
  • 2003 The Naked Truth