Katrin Quinol

Real Name : Catherine Quinol

Born: 1969 (54 yo)
Birth place: Guadeloupe (France)

Citizenship : France

Occupation : Singer


Born in Guadeloupe (France) in 1969, Katrin Quinol, is a model best known worldwide as "the icon" of the Italian piano-house trio Black Box.


Black Box was an Italian house music group popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The members of the group included a trio made up of a club DJ (Daniele Davoli), a classically trained clarinet teacher (Valerio Semplici), and a keyboard and electronic music "wiz" (Mirko Limoni). The three created an image for the Black Box act using French fashion model Katrin Quinol as its album/singles cover art and supposed lead singer in all of the group's music videos.

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Balck Box discography:


  • 1990      Dreamland
  • 1995      Positive Vibration


  • 1989      "Ride On Time"
  • 1990      "Megamix" (with Lelewel)
  • 1990      "I Don't Know Anybody Else"
  • 1990      "Everybody Everybody"             
  • 1990      "Fantasy"
  • 1990      "The Total Mix"
  • 1991      "Strike It Up"    
  • 1991      ""Open Your Eyes"        
  • 1992      "Hold On"
  • 1993      "Rockin' to the Music"
  • 1995      "Not Anyone"
  • 1996      "I Got the Vibration"    
  • 1997      "Native New Yorker"
  • 1999      "Bright on Time"
  • 2008      "Everybody Everybody" (remix)