Audra Pollard

Birth place: Dallas, Texas (USA)

Citizenship : USA

Occupation : Fitness, WWF... (Fitness) , Glamour Model


Audra Pollard is an american fitness competitor and glamour model.


Audra has two passions, singing and fitness. They have helped her overcome the self doubt that used to make her worry about fulfilling everyone else's expectations.

Audra was born on October 11 , and lives in Dallas, Texas.

Her favorite sex toy is the standard reliable vibrator.

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Fitness competition:

  • 2002 NPC National Championships - Fitness (Tall)           
  • 2002 NPC USA Championships - Fitness (Tall)    16th
  • 2001 NPC National Championships - Fitness (Tall)           
  • 2001 NPC USA Championships - Fitness (Tall)